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The Buzz

Oh the alcohol buzz! Let’s talk about we think it is about:

- Friends have spoken about that buzz with the excitement of post work drinks. Could it be that there is more excitement with that anticipation of the drink. For those that still drink still next time you’re excited to pour a drink think - is this because it is switch off time or is it because of the alcohol? Is this a placebo?

- Alcohol is a drug and it does change the chemicals in your brain. So yes, alcohol will give you an artificial buzz during your first drink. The buzz can be what makes alcohol so addictive. It makes you chase that feeling again with another drink. After that first drink you don’t feel that buzz again for the rest of the night because you brain has clicked on and is trying to restore balance (Check out our Hangxiety post if you want to learn more about your brain trying to rebalance when you drink)

It is an artificial stimulation. Now let’s think about your natural highs; what fills your cup, what excites you, what makes you smile, what gives you a happy rush of endorphins (that is not a drug) – like when you were a kid

Once you start to recognise the highs you have in your natural state the alcohol buzz will not matter – because when your euphoria is produced naturally it does not come with the lows that alcohol does

What is your natural high?

(Sam’s is ocean swims, listening to rnb music, physical touch and good cheese)

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