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Sober Mates headlined panel at the first Global Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival

Last weekend Sam Wilson of Sober Mates is headlined the Socialising Sober panel at Global Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festival.

Over one hundred leaders in the global mindful drinking movement came together to deliver alcohol-free drink tastings, panels and conversations in this free community event.

Sober Mates founder Sam Wilson, sat on the Socialising Sober panel and said she was“thrilled that Sober Mates will be included in this global festival alongside a heavy hit of talent.”

“This is an incredible opportunity for Australia to showcase our sober curious movement.”

The Socialising Sober panel examined the role that alcohol plays in socialising and how people respond to socialising when they stop drinking. Sam was be joined on the panel by:

· Hannah Rodger, co-founder of Sober Seekers Club;

· Leanne Claire Franks and Leisa Leon, founders of Rise Revolution;

· Annie Nolan and Bianka Ismailovski, co-hosts of We Want to be Better podcast; and

· Caedz Hull from @sobarCBR

The panel offered up their tips on navigating social situations sober and discuss how to empower people to feel comfortable and confident socialising without booze.

Sam is also hosted conversations over the weekend to offer up her tips on going sober:

· Your Sober Tool Kit

· How to tell your family and friends you’re going sober

· Finding your natural highs

The Mindful Drinking Festival was held online from Thursday 30 July to Sunday 2nd August

To watch the panel again head to

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