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Hangxiety - Tell me more

You know that feeling in the morning where you want to throw your phone at the wall and are scared to think about what you said the night before

Scientifically - it is about the hipe alcohol gives you, the changes in your brain and the withdrawal the next day

The chemicals in your brain need to be balanced to keep your head right

When you start smashing froffs, the alcohol over stimulates a chemical in the brain called GABA - this chemical chills the brain out, and blocks the production of a glutamate, a chemical associated with anxiety

This is why when you start drinking you feel relaxed

The heightened amount of GABA causes an imbalance, your brain goes into overdrive to get back to normal, so it produces more glutamate and blocks GABA. It results in overactivity of the neurotransmitters that excite the brain and body, and under-activity of the neurotransmitters that help you relax. Your brain literally produces the anxiety you feel the next day

Last night, you used up all your calm vibes and the next day all you are left with is an overactive brain

It can take a day or two before your brain reaches normal levels (even longer depending how long you’ve been drinking for). That is why backing it up can seem so enticing but really it is just starting the cycle all over again. The chill vibes alcohol gives you is short lived and for some of us that hangxiety is just waiting for us the next day

PS: Hangxiety is the main reason our founder quit drinking!

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